Best Dressed — Met Gala 2021

Emily Ratajkowski rocked the red carpet in this classy yet firey red gown.
Kim and Kanye keeping up with the “Donda” aesthetic in all black from head-to-toe… literally…
Are you kidding me?! Ri Ri and A$AP own the red carpet every year. I can’t get enough of them. Also… A$AP Rocky doing the most for the “American Fashion” theme in your southern grandma’s quilt handmade & homemade from the heart. Is Rihanna in a college boy’s comforter? I don’t care. I love it.
Timothée Chalamet mixing street style with the historic classy Met Ball fashion and I’m here for it.
I know everyone was waiting for this one! The one and only Billie Eilish sporting a Marilyn Monroe type look and absolutely glowing while doing it.
J-LO?! All I have to say is… YES PLEASE!
Miss Kendall Jenner serving looks (per usual) in what looks almost just like big sister, Kim K’s, Met Gala dress from 2015.
Who wore it better?
Lil Nas X served a few different looks on the red carpet at his first ever Met Gala and I’m loving the boldness of his first impression as a rising star.
Do you recognize her? Yea.. that’s Olivia Rodrigo. Like… “Drivers License” girl… and yes… she’s only 18.
Keke Palmer was one of my childhood favorites and I was so excited to see her hosting the Vogue livestream this year.
2021 Lorde. Enough said.
No one can understand how excited I was to see Emma Chamberlain on the red carpet at the Met this year. She deserves this more than anyone.
The brains behind the operation, the one who makes it all happen, Anna Wintour (Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Magazine)
Camilla Cabello has her arm around my boyfriend but I’ll let it slide because they look great together.
Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz (looking like a real-life Barbie doll).
Frank Ocean and his… date…?
Spacey Kacey keeping it simple and classy after her album release on Friday.
Meghan Thee Stallion looking as gorgeous as ever in baby pink.
Nothing screams America like the beauty of the country. Lili Reinhart killed this look.
Megan Fox in red. But where’s MGK?!



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