Coffee Table Talk — We Need to Talk About It

Decorating a room, an apartment, or a house includes many elements, and everyone has a different sense of style when it comes to interior design. The other day, I was with my mom shopping around in an interior design store. I started to get bored listening to she and the owner conversing (no offense mom) so picked up a hard cover book sitting on a display coffee table at my knees.

Most people don’t take one look at the books and magazines displayed on a person’s coffee table. In most cases, they sit there for months and years collecting dust, being used as footstools and coasters.

While a stack of coffee table books is the perfect accent to any living space, HELLO!, books are readable people…

Look below for some of my favorite (and very readable) coffee table books, ways to decorate and display, and some other “coffee table” or shelf (for you dorm people) knick-knacks that I love.

My Favorite Coffee Table Books

Louis Vuitton Catwalk
The Little Dictionary of Fashion
Something’s Off
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More to-die-for coffee table decor

Places like TJ Max, HomeGoods, Tuesday Morning, and Target are my favorite places to search for little knick-knacks for my room. You can never go wrong with any of these stores and I always leave with more than I should!

Candier Candles — or TJ Max

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