Dos and Don’ts of Fashion

  • Mom jeans paired with graphic tee’s and sweatshirts are a yes. Spice up your dad’s vintage college sweatshirt with a baggy pair of boyfriend jeans and sneakers.
  • When one piece of clothing is tight, wear the other one loose. A tight-fit turtle neck and flowy pants or a skirt are always the way to go. Skin-hugging leather pants and an oversized sweater are a yes!
  • Use Pinterest for outfit inspiration. Don’t be afraid to be “basic” by saving certain outfits. And even if you think you can’t afford it, save it for reference because you might run into a piece very similar at a thrift store.
  • They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy sneakers. For me, that’s pretty much the same thing. I base every outfit off of what my shoe of the day is. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top. Start with the shoes. What bottoms would look good with these shoes? What top would look good with these bottoms? Hair up or down? Those are the steps to finding the perfect outfit.
  • Gold jewelry. Stay minimal with your jewelry. Small gold hoops bring the perfect amount of attention to your face. Stay dainty with your necklace choices and layer, layer, layer! Layer for days. A short choker-like necklace paired with a necklace that hangs just below your collarbone will always make you look like you know what you’re doing. Gold is dainty and chic and it should always be your first choice.
  • When buying sneakers, don’t buy the basic. Do your research. Don’t just buy a shoe because your best friend has them and they look good on them. Be unique. Do your own thing. And keep your hidden gems hidden.
  • Tennis skirts and tank tops. Just don’t.
  • Bralette’s. Sorry, but those should have been left in 2017.
  • Tube tops. Once again- 2017.
  • Chunky Fila’s. You know who you are.
  • Apple Watch with the outfit. Just leave it at home. There’s no point in counting your steps when you have on a killer outfit on.
  • Street style: know the difference between chic and bleak.
  • Know your colors. Don’t step out in all bright, primary colors in the winter. Stick with the nudes, blacks, whites, greys, with complements of color throughout your outfit. All black everything with a pop of hot-pink over your shoulders in the form of a jacket or coat will make you look like a pro every time.



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Anna Grace Bowling

Anna Grace Bowling

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