Fashion Trends to Expect in Spring/Summer 2021

The winter weather that we have been trapped in for months has been making me long for the warmth and colors of spring. Bright sunshine, puffy clouds, bright flowers, and even pollen?

Most people (me included) have been living in sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt for the last year. This pandemic has caused me to stay inside in my dad’s old loungewear. It’s a good day if I change from my day-time pajamas to my night-time pajamas. But on the bright side I have saved a lot of money! Now that “spring has [started] to sprung,” I’m warming up my debit card, doing some spring cleaning, and preparing for packages to be delivered full of spring and summer clothes.

The CHANEL Spring-Summer 2021 Haute Couture show was hosted at the Grand Palais in Paris about a month ago, and many other designer brands have been gearing up for the warm weather by releasing sneak-peeks of their new collections. Whether you are shopping designer or balling on a budget, here are some of the colors, prints, styles, and general fashion trends that you can expect to see this spring and summer.

Now, onto warmer-weather dreaming!

As much as I love animal print, I tend to leave it in the winter. In the spring, I like to stay simple because the bright colors speak for themselves. However, it is always good to add a pop of floral or gingham to your outfit on a warm spring day.

You have probably already seen more matcha green, lavender, light pink and chai brown than you can even fathom. I can promise you- those colors not going anywhere as the spring approaches. You can expect more of these to come, and on top of that, light yellow and orange.

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